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Ink - Gallery 1
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My Spectacular Art Gallery - Ink - Gallery 1
Welcome to My Art Gallery. There are FOUR Galleries of this category and FOUR drawings in each Gallery. Now you are in Gallery ONE.

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Not Named
Dated 29-5-1984

Ink and Water on Paper.
Original Size 6" x 8".

Based on One of Uttam's Paintings.

Dated 07-09-1979.

With Pen on Paper.
Original Size 7" x 7".

Based on a drawing published in Chandamama - a Telugu Story Magazine for Children. I still remember the artist and the serial in that Magazine. The artist was 'Sankar' and the serial was 'Ramayanam'.
This is one of my oldest drawings that I could preserve. I lost all my drawings earlier to this.


Ink and Water on Paper.
Original Size 8" x 6".

Based on a Photograph.


Ink on Paper.
Original Size 11" x 8".

Portrait Of BhanuPriya - Telugu Movie Actress.

Straight with Ink Pen. Result of scribbling on paper for time pass.

My signature in Telugu and English was by my uncle Jaladanki Sudhakar. I always wonder how instant and innovative his ideas are when he picks up a pen to draw something. If you can read Telugu, just try to observe how he had put my name 'Giri' in Telugu just before the start of the English signature.
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   Artist's Statement   
   Art From My Heart   
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