Ball Point Pen
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My Spectacular Art Gallery - Ball-point Pen Drawings

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   Why Do I Paint?   

"Though I use Ball Point Pen to make preliminary sketches before I start any painting, most of them turn out to be good works by themselves. I love using Ball Point Pen. It provides a hard pointed tip with which one can try to get a three dimensional effect with fine shades of lines by varying the pressure of the strokes."

Total drawings displayed: 28

My Favorite LineArt Indian Woman Dress Style Portrait of DivyaBharathi Saree
Portrait of BhanuPriya Portrait of BhanuPriya Portrait of BhanuPriya Portrait of BhanuPriya
Portrait of BhanuPriya Portrait of BhanuPriya Naked Girl Model
Radha-Krishna Indira Gandhi American Lady Incomplete
Horse Horse Horse Horse
Published in College Magazine No Title Chiranjeevi Portrait of Kamal Hassan
Radha-Krishna Radha-Krishna Radha-Krishna Portrait of Rithvik - My Son

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