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About Me
  ABOUT ME Giridhar Pottepalem  
Giri - 1977 Giri - 1998

Born and raised in Kavali, India, I received my Master's degree in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU), Hyderabad, India and my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nagarjuna University, India.

Since then I lived in Hyderabad, and at present I reside in Boston, USA with my wife Dr.Jayalakshmi and my kids Rithvik & Bhuvan. I am one of the millions of Software Professionals fascinated by Internet and Java. Got my start with AP Techonology Services Limited, India as a Programmer. Started developing my home page for fun and then got pretty much attached to it.

Giri - 2007

  EDUCATION   Masters in Computer Science  

Went to Upper Primary school in Damaramadugu, a small beautiful village in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh State in India. Then finished my secondary education at AP Residential School, Kodigenahalli in Ananthapur District, AP, India. Joined Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, India and after finishing Intermediate there, I took my bachelor's degree - B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Nagarjuna University (VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada, India) and then my Masters degree - M.Tech in Computer Science from JNTU, Hyderabad, India.

Giri - 2006

  PROFESSION   Software Development  
Giri - 1995

Started my career as a Programmer with AP Technology Services Limited, Hyderabad, India. Then I was with Tata Consultancy Services, India for about four years. I was with Software Solutions Group Inc. - Atlanta, GA based Computer Consulting Company for five years. Presently I am consulting as a Senior Enterprise Java Developer in Boston, MA, USA.

India being my home country, I had been to London-United Kingdom, Japan and United States of America on professional assignments.

  HOBBIES   Painting...  

When I am not writing software, I do drawing/painting. Painting is my first and foremost hobby. I love to draw/paint whenever I get time. I don't remember when I started Drawing, but my GrandMa says that I drew a bird on the floor with a piece of chalk when I was two years old. My oldest drawing I could preserve is the one that I drew when I was TEN years old. Without question it's my passion in life.

Some of my favorite Indian Artists are my Father, my Uncle Sudhakar Jaladanki (a great artist with multiple talents; drawing, painting, poetry and script writing and finally made his enry into Telugu Movie Industry as a Screenplay and Dialogue Writer), my Drawing Teacher Venkateswar Rao in my school Kodigenahalli, Raja Ravi Varma, Bapu, Uttam, Gopi and Chandra. I like RK Laxman's and Sridhar's Cartoons. I love every line that comes from Bapu's hand. I also admire Norman Rockwell for his wonderful Illustrations; if there is any artist that I say it is hard to master like, that is he.

My father and my uncle were great inspiration to me in my childhood. Initially I used to draw with Pen, Pencil and Indian Ink. It was one of Uttam's Paintings that inspired me to first start Water Color Painting. I also made a couple of Sculptures on Soaps.

Drawing and Painting is just a hobby that I developed on my own interest and I never took any formal classes. I did a course on Oil Painting in Winter 2001 at College of Dupage, Chicago, IL and here is my spectacular Art Gallery.

Giri - 2001

  Drawing AWARDS/PRIZES Won   A Couple of...  
With my Toyota Sienna - 2001

First time I ever participated in any Drawing competition was in 'All-India Intercollegeate Drawing competition' held by VR Siddhartha Engineering College on the occation of its Decennial celebrations. I won FIRST PRIZE in that competition. I also participated in a Cartooning Competition and Won SECOND PRIZE. Of course, cartooning is not my hobby. I also bagged a couple of prizes in our College Drawing Competitions when I was doing my Engineering in Computer Science.

Many of my Drawings/Paintings were published in our college magazines.

Other than drawing and painting - I read books, listen to Indian Music, love Site Seeing, do Photography, collect Stamps & Coins, enjoy Cooking and of course write Software for living.

Don't miss my spectacular Art Gallery. I am sure! you would like it. :-)

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