Water Color Paintings
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My Spectacular Art Gallery - Water Color Paintings
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Water Colors
"Water Colors is a powerful media in Painting. The best part of it is - you don't need lot of preparations and don't need to wait for so long for it to dry like Oil Painting. The worst part of it is - if you put a wrong color and especially if it is a darker color, there is no way you can change/adjust it. Most of the times, you have to put the exact color you want to. It is one of Uttams's paintings that inspired me to start doing water color paintings. I worked with different kinds of media, but still Water Colors is my favorite media of all."

Total paintings displayed displayed: 33

My Favorite Painting Winter in Kashmir A Lake in Kashmir, India Water Color on Drawing Paper
Water Color on Drawing Paper Water Color on Drawing Paper Landscape Model
Ugadi Un-finished Painting NO Title No Title
Uttam Typical Costal Area of Andhra Pradesh, India Portrait of BhanuPriya Imagination
Radha-Krishna Lake Saint Louis Arch - USA Radha-Krishna
Pooja Bhatt Portrait of BhanuPriya Climb High... Portrait of B.Saroja - indian Movie Actress
Street Horse Kapil Landscape
Superman Kamal Hassan Kamal Hassan Model

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