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Web Directory

What is Web Directory?
In brief, this 'Web Directory' section of my home contains links to several useful and informative sites around. The directory is broadly classified into selected categories. Each category contains various sub-categories and each sub-category contains the the actual links to sites of that nature.

Indian  Personal  Water Color  Oil Painting  
Telugu  Hindi  Magazines  Personal Sites  
C++  Java  Design Patterns  Web Development  Perl  CGI  HTML  XML  JavaScript  
Earn Money  Earn Points  
Downloads  Internet Access  E-mail  Web Hosting  Greeting Cards  
Investing  StockQuotes  
News  Official  Sports  Devotional  Cooking  Personal  
Weather  Maps  

The Goal
The goal of this section is to provide my visitors the best useful and informative sites on the Internet. As the internet has already grown enough and still growing at at a rapid rate, it is really difficult to search and find the exact information. Somebody, somewhere would have already done all the (re)search and found the site you are really looking for. In that case wouldn't your life be easy if you can find it staright from that person?

What you can contribute?
Yes! all my visitors can contribute to this section. This Section contains the links added by visitors like you. So, if you come across any useful site and you feel that it is worth adding a link, feel free to do so and add it to the appropriate sub-category.

How to add a Link?
Just go to the appropriate category and look for 'Add a Link' and fill up the form. It will be added to the selected sub-category and will appear in that cateogy's page. Its as simple as that.

Adding a category/sub-category
I have selected some categories and sub-categories that I thought would be of interest to my visitors. At this time, my visitors are not given the option of adding a new category/sub-category. If you think a new category/sub-category should be added, just send me a mail. I will add it.

Its all for my Visitors
Again, its all for you visitor(s). Make it a success!

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