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Posted on Sep 28, 2008

My Art Blog New!
Bhuvan's Art Blog New!

"Art is long, Life is short."

Drawing/Painting is a passion in my life. More than just a hobby or interest, it is the devotion, inspiration and love of Art that made me to self-learn and try to master it. I never got a chance to display my Art works to public anywhere. Now, I am proud to display most of my Art Works to the whole world in my own Art Gallery on the Internet.

It is unbelievable but is a fact to say that I can still recollect the moments of each of my hundreds of works displayed here. I can even say those are the best moments of my life- time very well spent.

I strongly believe in that "Art is God's gift in one's life" and one should continue doing that.

All my Drawings/Paintings have been categorized based on the material used - Water Color, Ball Point Pen, Indian Ink, Ink, Pencil, Sketches and Oil Paintings. The eighth gallery contains the drawings I did during my first stage of those self leaning days and the ninth gallery is a special gallery that contains some of the sculptures that I started studying at The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago.

There is also a special Gallery dedicated to my Father in which I displayed some of master pieces from his hand.

Every category has one or more galleries and every gallery has FOUR drawings/paintings displayed in it.

Total paintings/drawings displayed : 139

So, take a tour and enjoy my Art Gallery!

Water Color Paintings

Water Color on Drawing Paper Water Colors is a powerful media in Painting. The best part of it is - you don't... continued

Total paintings: 33

Visit my Water Color Paintings Gallery.

Ball Point Pen Drawings

Model - Ball Point Pen on Paper Though I use Ball Point Pen to make preliminary sketches before I start any painting, most of them... continued

Total drawings: 28

Visit my Ball Pont Pen Drawings Gallery.

Indian Ink Drawings

Model - Indian Ink on Drawing Paper Black & White is such a powerful combination of just two colors and some times it even dominates... continued

Total drawings: 7

Visit my Indian Ink Drawings Gallery.

Ink Drawings

Lake - Ink on Paper Ink Drawing is just one stage before my Water Color Painting stage. I tried these drawings with... continued

Total drawings: 14

Visit my Ink Drawings Gallery.

Pencil Drawings

Lake - Pencil on Drawing Paper I did more drawings with Pencil than any other media. When I was in High School, we used to use only... continued

Total drawings: 30

Visit my Pencil Drawings Gallery.


Ganesh - Sketches on Drawing Paper Sketch Pen is the media that I used mostly to color line drawings. Used both flat and... continued

Total sketches: 5

Visit my Sketches Gallery.

Oil Paintings

Object - Oil on Canvas I always wanted to do Oil Painting. As it requires variety of material to do oil painting, I did not give it a shot until... continued

Total paintings: 2

Visit my Oil Paintings Gallery.

Self Learning Days

Learning Days Those are the days I was thriving for Drawing. Tried to draw every picture I saw in magazines. The Indian... continued

Total drawings: 4

Visit my Gallery of Self Learning Days.

My Father's Art Gallery

Abraham Lincoln - indianInk on Drawing Paper My Father was a born Artist and used to Draw/Paint in his own Photographic style. Probably, I inherited his... continued

Total works: 7

Visit my Father's Gallery.

My Study of Sculpture

My Study of Sculpture at The Art Institute of Chicago I recently started studying sculpture at The Art Institute of Chicago. The best way to... continued

Total drawings displayed: 7

Visit the special Gallery of My Study of Sculpture.

My Study of Great Master works

My Study of Sculpture at The Art Institute of Chicago I also have been studying paintings by Great Masters at The Art Institute of Chicago. The aim is to... continued

Total drawings displayed: 2

Visit the special Gallery of My Study of Great Master works.

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