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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Why do I see junk characters on the CardTab in every page? The card tab uses a special font called 'wingDings' which should be present on most of the Windows/ Mac computers. If you don't have this font you will see characters that don't make sense. You can download this free font from Microsoftsite.

Why the songs do not work for me in the Entertainment Section? You need a real audio player to play the audio songs in the Entertainment Section. You can download it from Real Audio site. It is a free tool.

Currently The Entertainment Section is down. Check it later.
Your site design looks pretty cool. Did you use any special tools? No. I am a software developer and an artist too. Why do I need any special tools? Initially I thought I would learn in and outs of Internet Development and started hand-coding. Now, I have my own tools developed by me in Java that make site development and deployment easy. Soon I will be giving these tools free for public from my site. How does that sound? ;-)

What is 'My Color' drop down that appears on the top left hand corner of almost every page? 'My Color' is a pretty cool feature. It allows you to change the color of the page you like on the fly from a set of pre-defined colors. Once a color of your choice has been selected, it remains there for you in every page and for ever until you change your color again. Otherwise, all the pages have a original color which is my favorite.

I am very much interested in drawing and painting. How do I learn it? Can you teach me? Several people who visit my gallery are sending me e-mails asking this question. Some of them are even asking me whether I can teach them how to draw and paint.

I am not a professional/commercial artist. This is just a hobby. I have my own job that makes me jump out of my bed everyday morning. I just do drawing and painting in my leisure time. I will not be able to teach anybody at this time. I don't think that I have become a master of it. I am still a learner. But I can advice people who are really interested.

My advice to all those who want to draw/paint - I just quote one of my favorite Indian artists whose advice I read in my childhood and I still practice that literally. The artist's name is Bapu. One of all-time great Telugu artists. Ok, here was his advice: "Keep drawing whatever you see. It could be a soap box, a tumbler, match box or anything. Just keep drawing. You learn it."

My advice - practice!, practice!, ..... and practice!

Why can't I copy images? All Images are original works by me and ther are all Copy Protected.

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