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Awards My Site Won
'Gold Award' For Excellent Design and Development - by Pegasus
Pegasus Gold Award for Excellent Site Design + Development Proud to display the Gold Award that my site won for Excellent Design and Development. Scored maximum points in all the eight categories used to assess Pages.
Category Max.Points Scored
Layout 10 10
Topic 10 10
Originality 10 10
Graphics 10 10
Impressions 10 10
Load Time 5 5
Navigation 5 5
Usefulness 5 5

'Silver Award' in Art Category - by Pegasus
Also, Proud to display the Silver Award I won in the Art Category. Won this award specially for my Indian Ink Art Work - the one dsplayed in this page on the top left side. Pegasus Silver Award in Art Category

Great Award for Great Web Pages
Great Award for Great Web Pages Won the Great Award for Great Web Pages - "This Site Meets The Approval of The Link To The Past Headquarters"

Creativity Award
This award is given to people or companies who have a nice site - one that does not have lots of images copied from other pages. Creativity Award Award Committee's Comments about my site:
  • Done a great job.
  • This site is easy to navigate and responsive(not slow).
  • This site has some good information.

'Hawk Award' for Excellence in Web Site Design

Won Hawk Award given by High Density Computing - A company that offers Various Trainings on Internet Technologies, Graphics and Publishing.
Hawak Award for Excellence in Web Site Design

1999-2000 Golden Web Award

Proud Winner of '1999-2000 Golden Web Award' given by The International Association of Web Masters & Designers

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