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"What is the sound of Perl? Is it not the sound of a wall that people have stopped banging their heads against?" - Larry Wall (Perl Inventor) in 1992

Perl In Brief

Perl is an incredibly rich and powerful Programming Language that is used in an almost infinite number of ways. It is THE MOST popular CGI Programming Language.

Perl was designed as a "just do it" language. It has a very short "ramping up" time: people can learn it quickly. It has also become a serious programming language, Object Oriented with debuggers, embedded documentation, and also links to C/C++, making it the perfect language for learning programming techniques. You won't have to take off six months to lern to be productive. The magic of Perl is that it allows you to learn while doing. So why to wait? Get started right away.

Book Picks

Learning Perl

Programming Perl

Web Resources

Perl Home Page It has pretty much every information you want to know about Perl.
The Perl Institute A non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Perl available, usable, and free for all.
A Comprehensive Perl Archive Network A comprehensive Perl Material - Everything you need in Perl.
The Perl You need to know From A good quick start to learn Perl
Perl Guide Beginner's guide to CGI Scripting with Perl
Perl Tour CGI Programming using Perl for the Total Non-Programmer

| Perl In Brief | Web Resources |

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