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Java began life as a programming language for software for consumer electronic devices such as toaster, microwave ovens, and personal digital assistants. The software for consumer devices needs to be able to work on new computer chips as they are introduced - manufacturers often change their chips as new chips become more cost-effective. So the software has to be extremely reliable.

A small team at Sun headed by James Gosling, that was working on this problem quickly discovered that existing programming languages like C and C++ were not up to the mark. For one thing a program written in C/C++ must be compiled for a particulat chip. And also the complexity of C/C++ makes it extremely difficult to write reliable software.

As a result in 1990 Gosling started designing a new programming language. This language originally known as Oak was small, reliable and architecture-independent. In 1993, as the team continued to work on the design of the new language, World Wide Web appeared on the internet and took it by storm. Then the team realized that an architecture--neutral language like Java would be ideal for programming on the internet, as a program could run on all of the different types of computers connected to the internet.

At this point, the development of Java took a new inportance for Sun. The team wrote a web browser called HotJava, that was the first web browser to support Java applets . An applet is a small Java program that can be embedded in another application like a browser.

Java In Brief

  • Java is a language designed for programming on internet.
  • Java removes the barrier that prevents you from taking software from some random site and executing it on any platform.
  • Java program could run on all the different types of computers connected to the internet.
  • An applet can be included in an HTML document to provide interactive, executable content on a web page.
  • What is Java?
    Sun describes:
    Java : A simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture-neutral, portable, high performance, multithreaded and dynamic languege.

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Java Jobs

| History | In Brief | Web Resources | Java Jobs |

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