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CGI In Brief

CGI is an interface specification. It doesn't define how a Web Server works or how a program is expected to produce results, but it establishes a set of guidelines that both must follow in order to interoperate.

A CGI Program may be a simple or complex program and can perform any task a program is able to. The difference is that the program communicates with "the real world" by using the CGI language. CGI applications are often used to produce HTML pages on-the-fly. They are also often used to produce the information introduced in HTML forms. CGI applications can be written an any language that can be executed on a computer - in particular a Web Platform.

Book Picks

CGI How-To

CGI Programming Unleashed

Web Resources

The Most Simple Intro to CGI An explanation in plain English by analogy of how HTML and CGI-BIN requests are handled.
Introduction to CGI A Good simple introduction to CGI. Good for starters.
Free CGI Course Free course covering the basics of Web Programming and CGI. An excellent and free tutorial about all the technologies you need to know for Web Programming.
CGI Resource Index Your One Stop for CGI. And also several Free CGI Scripts ready to use for your site.

| CGI In Brief | Web Resources |

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