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Linux In Brief

Linux is the Unix-like operating system built by the collaboration of unpaid developers over the Internet, freely distributing and modifying the code -- the "open-source" method of development.

Linux is the hottest OS technology in the IT industry today and by many accounts it is the fastest growing operating system. It is a robust alternative to the proprietary Unix operating system and to Microsoft's Windows NT operating system. Several of the world's most significant software manufacturers have announced their support of the Linux operating system.

Linux was created in 1991 in Finland by Linus Torvalds. It is pitched as an alternative OS for power users, and yes, "control freaks." It's respected for its unsurpassed stability, minimal hardware requirements, wide availability, and minute control over systems and applications. It supports more platforms, drive types, and file systems, and it offers advanced caching and improved sound and video. And the best of all, Linux is based on the open-source model. Unlike most operating systems, Linux can be downloaded at no cost over the internet. In addition, the source code is open - the system can be enhanced, changed and debugged by anyone.

The Linux support community is large and growing larger. So why don't you start learning more about Linux?

Book Picks

Red Hat Linux (v 5.2) Unleashed

Red Hat Linux Secrets

Web Resources

linux Online Everything you need to know about Linux. The must visit site.
Linux Kernel Best Source for Linux Support on the Internet
Linux Documentation Project Find links to the Guides, HOWTOs, man Pages, FAQs, and the Linux Gazette.
Linux HQ Distribution List A list of Linux Distributions and CD-ROM vendors. With links to their web sites.
Slackware Linux Slackware HomePage
Official RedHat Linux RedHat HomePage
Linux Press Publishers of Fine Linux Documentation
Java Linux Find everything you need in Java for Linux NEW
Linux Care Linux Services
KDE Kool Desktop Environment - A Powerful graphical environment for UNIX/Linux Workstations
Xfree86 A freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System that runs on UNIX(R) and UNIX-like operating systems
Downloads Linux Downloads

| Linux In Brief | Web Resources |

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