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The main idea of this Web Ring is to bring together the best 'Telugu Songs' sites on the internet. We are looking for sites that offer the Telugu Music Lovers around the world a good entertainment on the internet.

If you have a Site/Page on Telugu Songs, you are probably the one to join. You can submit your site to the Web Ring on your own. After you submit, your site will be in the queue for review. Once it is reviewed and approved, your site will be added to the ring.

Submit your Site to the Ring

Please, follow the following steps after your submission:

  • Take the Ring Fragment code and do the necessary changes.

    Ring Fragment Code

  • Place the code in an appropriate place in your Telugu Songs Page.

  • Once the code is in place on your page, you must email the RingMaster to intimate about your submission and let him know the code is ready for review.

    Email the Ringmaster

Your Site/Page will then be reviewed and will be added finally to the ring. If your site is not approved for entry due to any reason, you will receive an email with the decision of the Ring Master.

The qualifications for approval are as follows:

  • Your site must be devoted entirely to Telugu Film Songs or have a Page set aside for this purpose.

  • You should place the Ring Fragment code in an appropriate place in your Songs Page after making appropriate changes to it.

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