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This is the home page of the 'Telgu Film Songs Web Ring'. The basic idea behind this Web Ring is to bring together a set of Telugu Songs sites that are floating around on the Internet. Every site in this ring is owned by an individual who maintains separate site/page(s) for Telgu Music/Film Songs. In this ring, you will find different sites concentrating on various categories of Telgu Music/Film songs. This is an eclectic mix of people, each chosen to be part of the ring based on their contributions they make to the Telugu Music on the Web. You are encouraged to let the site masters know of your appreciation for their work. After all, this is what it is all about. The appreciation from the web community goes a long way in our growth.

All the web sites in this ring are linked together in a circular fashion. One can traverse through the ring from one site to another site or jump to a random site or see the list of sites in the ring and visit any particular site. The 'HTML Code Fragment' that all the sites in this ring use is the one that keeps the ring in good shape. Thanks to the original WebRing, without whom 'Telugu Film Songs Web Ring' would not exist!

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