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Giridhar Pottepalem
e-mail: giridhar@writeme.com
internet: http://www.members.tripod.com/~GiridharP


Internet, WWW, Java


A challenging career in software engineering with an emphasis on object-oriented analysis, design and development of cutting-edge applications that utilizes my background in Software Development.


Accomplished Software Developer with eight+ years of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of Computer Applications. Excellent skills to perform Internet Development, Object-Oriented Analysis Design Development and Client-Server Architecture development. Can quickly learn any new technology and become productive within no time.

Technical Skills

Internet Java, JavaScript, HTML
Languages Java, C++, C
OS/Environments UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, ReliantUNIX on Pyramid), Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 3.1
Development/ Productive Tools RogueWave C++ Class Libraries, Rational Rose 98, SA Catalyst, Select, Sniff+ 2.4, Purify, Pure Coverage, Quantify
Middleware EZRPC, Tuxedo
Databases Informix 7.0 & 5.02, Oracle 7.3.3, MS-Access 2.0 & 7.0, B-Trieve Record Manager, C-Tree File Manager, FoxPro
UI Tools Visual C++, MS-Access, Windows SDK 3.1, Vermont View Designer, PanelPlus II, SQL Forms 3.0

Professional Experience

CVS/Pharmacy, Woonsocket, RI Apr 1998 - Till Date
Software Consultant
OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP)

OLTP provides on-line transaction processing related to prescriptions, patients and drugs for all nation-wide CVS/Pharmacy stores in US. Involved in design and development of enhancements to various modules. Evaluated O-O Modeling tools like Rational Rose 98, SA Catalyst and Select. Upgraded the product and its framework libraries from RogueWave 6.0.4 to RogueWave 7.0.8. Brought-up the debugging environment for developers by changing the compiler from CenterLine to HP C++. The project involved development in C++ on HP and Pyramid using RogueWave Tools.h++ class libraries and CSC Drop-in Framework calss libraries with Oracle 7.3.3 as the backend database. Used Purify - a run-time memory checker tool and Pure Coverage - a code execution coverage monitor tool and PVCS for Version Control.

LiTLENET LLC Advanced Technology Center, Lowell, MA Sep 1997 - Mar 1998
Software Consultant
Internet Direct Commerce Network (DCN) Services V2.0

DCN services provides various business services for applications and workflows to utilize in meeting Litlenet's customer's requirements in E-Commerce business. DCN Services is the backbone of Litlenet and the services are reused widely in other projects that are customer specific. Following Runbaugh Methodology, all the services are written in C++ and implemented using Bridge Pattern. The project involved development under SunOS 5.5.1 using C++ with Tools.h++, DBTools.h++ and other Rogue Wave foundation classes, LitleNet's reusable software entities like Business Objects and Business Services. It also involved Visual Modeling using Rational Rose 4.0.2 and ClearCase for source control. Involved in the development of DCN Mapping Services like Data Manager, Data Modifier and Real Time Data Mapper that translate data from an affiliate's format to LitleNet's format and vice versa and also developed Stager, Scheduler, Staging and Resend Workflows. Written test drivers for testing the services.

Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories), Naperville, Illinois USA Mar 1996 - Aug 1997
Software Engineer
Customized Report Writer - Operator Total Administrative System -New Architecture Exploration (CRW-OTAS and NAE-OTAS)

CRW-OTAS is a client-server application that monitors the performance of 5ESS switches installed locally at eleven sites all over Japan and globally at a central site in Tokyo for Nippon Telephones and Telegraphs (NTT) Japan. The project involved bug-fixes and selected enhancements. It involved development in C++, ESQL/C and UNIX shell scripts on SunSparc Server under Sun Solaris 2.3 and Visual C++ on MS-Windows Clients and NobleNet's EZRPC a middle-ware software on both server and client for remote procedure calls (RPCs).
NAE-OTAS is a new architecture of the same product that drastically improved the performance of the CRW-OTAS. This involved re-engineering of CRW-OTAS, architectural changes and complete s/w life cycle of a new better performance product. It involved development in C++, ESQL/C and Informix Stored Procedures on SunSparc Server under Sun Solaris 2.5.1 and Visual C++, MS-Access using Intersolve & OpenLink ODBC, I-Net on MS-Windows Clients and Windows NT 4.0 Server. Implemented the product successfully at NTT's commercial site in Tokyo, Japan that also included Solaris upgradation, High Availability s/w tuning. Also evaluated Informix New Era and Crystal Reports 5.0 report writers as part of performance improvement study. Used SabLime source and version control system.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Hyderabad, India Mar 1995 - Feb 1996
Systems Analyst
Mission Computer Simulator (MCS)

MCS simulates Avionics bus B3 (1553B) controller in real-time that receives Radar controls from Supervisory Control Panel (SCP) through RS-232 Port and can be used to test Multi-Mode-Radar. The project involved complete software life cycle and development in C++, Visual C++ using MIL-STD 1553B driver library, C-118 intelligent serial card library under MS-Windows environment. Used Excelerator tool for analysis and design and Polytron Version Control System (PVCS) for Source Control.

ISYS, London, UK Aug 1994 - Feb 1995
Programmer Analyst
VDU Data Collection System for KEREN Software

KEREN is a MIS software for Printing Technologies implemented at various printing industries in Europe. The project involved design and development of a Data Collection System through VDU terminals to replace the existing electronic boxes. It involved design of several screens that are built using Data Dictionary to allow user customization and involved development in C++, C using PanelPlus II an Advanced Screen Design and Management Utility and C-Tree file manager under HP-UX 9.04 (UNIX) environment. Overwritten PanelPlus code to implement Keyboard function keys and Bar-code Reader functionality.

Tata Consultancy Services, India Feb 1994 - July 1994
Programmer Analyst
Table Control

Table Control is an installable Custom Control developed as a Dynamic Linking Library (DLL) of medium model for using as a custom control in Windows applications. It is basically a window with one or more rows /columns with all the features of a spread sheet like application that provides data entry in the cells, re-sizing of cells, font changes, printing, grid control, row/column grouping, row/column selection etc. This was developed for using it as an installable custom control in Windows Products. It involved development using Microsoft C++/C Ver 7.0 and MS-Windows SDK 3.1.

Tata Consultancy Services, India June 1993 - Jan 1994
Programmer Analyst
E-X- financial Accounting System

E-X- is a financial accounting package that is rated as the most successful product in India and was marketed also in UK and Middle East. The aim was to develop an International Financial Accounting Package with the features like multi-currency support and VAT. It involved development in C using B-Trieve record manager and Vermont View designer(VVD) a C-language compatible product for User Interface. It also involved improving the same product for multi-user environment on Novell Netware(4.0). Used PVCS for Source Control and Ghost Testing Tool for testing.

Director General of Police, Hyderabad, India June 1992 - May 1993
Programmer Analyst
Communications Inventory Control System (CICS)

CICS is an Inventory Control System that is specially developed for the stores of Police Communications and Networks in the state of AP in India to meet their special requirements like their own standards of Parts coding and purchasing polices etc. The project involved complete s/w life cycle and development in Oracle 6.0 and SQL Forma 3.0 under UNIX environment.

Director General of Police, Hyderabad, India Aug 1991 - May 1992
Programmer Analyst
Monthly Crime Statistical Report Generator (MCSRG)

MCSRG keeps track of the crime details maintained at every Regional Police Station and generates various monthly, quarterly and yearly statistical reports at the regional, district and state level. It was specially designed and developed for the Police Crime Branch of the state of AP in India. The project involved complete s/w life cycle and development in C, Clipper using FoxBase DB and Harward Graphics Package for generating graphs.

AP Technology Services Limited, Hyderabad, India Apr 1990 - July 1991
Computerized Treasury Accounting System (C-TAS)

C-TAS is a District Treasury Accounting system that collects all the treasury transactions of a district and generates various monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports for the Government of AP in India. It was specially designed and develop for the state AP. Developed various Data Compilation Tools in C Language under Xenix using curses library to make the report generation process simple, fast and easy. Also involved in the pilot implementation at a district and in transferring data files to the state head quarters using National Informatics Center Network (NICNET), the largest Satellite Network in India that connects all districts with their state head quarters and the Capital of India.


Master of Technology in Computer Science, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India, 1993
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering, Nagarjuna University, India, 1989


Computer Based Training Course in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
Computer Based Training Course in Design Patterns.
Computer Based Training Course in Advanced Java JDK1.1.
Computer Based Training Course in Building GUI's with Java JDK1.1.


Available on Request.

Interests | Objective | Strengths | Technical Skills | Experience | Education | Training| References

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